Mail & Document Submittal Management System

The system will offer the ability to manage and control correspondence with clients, consultants and associates along with the Document Submissions.  By design the system will combine flexibility, ease of use and speed through a user-friendly menu using multitasking architecture. Data security at user level will be assured.

Key Features

  • Maintain Master File for Contracts
  • Maintain Master File for Clients, Consultants, Partners, Subcontractors / vendors
  • Maintain Master File Correspondents Category
  • Maintain Master File for Document Types
  • Link Contract with Client, Consultants, Partners and Subcontractors
  • Record all incoming Correspondence (Letter, Fax or Email)
  • Establish link with outgoing document if any
  • Establish link with DTS if any
  • Scan the document received along with any attachment
  • Distribute the document to all relevant employees internally as required
  • Register Outgoing Correspondence
  • Create the document in Microsoft Word directly from the system without reentering details from the register.
  • Establish Link with incoming document if any
  • Establish Link with DTS if any
  • Record all DTS received from Partners and Subcontractors
  • Create Submission to Client/Consultant(s) as required
  • Follow up DTS for approval or revision
  • Record Comments from Consultants / Client
  • Inform Partners / Subcontractors of Comments or approval received
  • Ability to Scan any document within the system
  • Monitor pending correspondence and DTS
  • Generate automatic alerts if pending duration exceeds certain parameter
  • Produce Lists of documents / correspondence with ability to select by contract, subject, correspondent, date range, document type etc
  • Ability to search for a particular document using any of the above criteria or using keywords and view on screen all related documents from the same screen
  • Generate on demand reports and list
  • Ability to export reports to Excel, Word or PDF formats
  • Managerial reports on statistics of correspondence and document submissions.
  • WYSWYG Data and Graphical Reports to view and print
  • Multi-user environment
  • Multiple access levels to maintain integrity and security of data.
  • Multi Document Interface
  • Data export or import through ASCII FILES
  • Unlimited record entry
  • Unlimited number of users