Human Resource Management System

(Made in Qatar for Qatar)

Human Resource Management System

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We have developed a complete Human Resource Management System to the exact requirement and practices of State of Qatar. This is a totally integrated system to manage your human resources most efficiently.


  • Employee details are broken down, in to smaller meaningful groups, for easy access of various departments
  • Cater for Monthly paid, Daily paid or employees on Piecework
  • Total payroll with pay slip, pay sheet and cost analysis per cost centres.
  • Manages employees’ dependents data
  • Create your own ID cards with barcode, which can be used for clocking, in time and attendance system
  • Maintain Timesheet for Daily paid workers
  • Comprehensive Leave Management system to monitor, Schedule and report annual leave
  • Manage employee accommodation and labour camp
  • Changes in career of employees are recorded an reported
  • Performance evaluation module to conduct employee appraisal
  • Fully integrated Recruitment module automates the whole cycle of recruitment process
  • Workmen compensation policy & accident, claim management incorporated
  • Integrated Training Module
  • Manages materials issued to employees including safety equipment, uniform tool boxes etc.
  • Store all kinds of documents related to employee electronically to retrieve and print them as required.
  • Print Organization chart of the institution automatically
  • Monitor and alert expiry dates of RP, Passport, Contract, License etc. automatically on a daily basis and produce expiry reports
  • Print immigration forms automatically
  • E-Governance System integrated with capability to fill on line forms automatically
  • WYSWYG Data and Graphical Reports to view and print
  • Multi-user environment with multiple access levels to maintain integrity and security of data
  • Multi Document Interface, open several forms at the same time.
  • Data export to various formats like Word, Excel or PDF
  • Unlimited number of Employees, unlimited number of users

Above all the system can be further customized to meet with your specific requirement. We also provide one year free maintenance of the software.