Camp Management System

The system will offer the ability to manage Camp and submit billing to the client with all required support documents including data in electronic format.  By design the system will combine flexibility, ease of use and speed through a user-friendly menu using multitasking architecture. Data security at user level will be assured.

Key Features

  • Create / Edit Blocks details
  • Create / Edit Room under Each Blocks
  • Create / Edit Bed Details under each room
  • Maintain Master File for Companies
  • Maintain Master File for Guests with photograph
  • Create ID Cards for Guests with Photograph and Barcode (This card can be swiped on the card reader provided to retrieve guest data accurately)
  • Record all reservations
  • Record Guest Check In and print check in form for the guest to sign
  • Record special requests / instructions for each guests if any
  • Alert reception for special requests at given time
  • Print Check list for Guest Check out
  • Print Check out form for the guest to sign
  • Record Check out
  • Automatically run night audit every night at prescribed time to update system with the day’s occupancy
  • Create Export files to submit with billing to client in a format that can update the system installed at client site for audit purpose
  • Create export file to update system at main office from the subsidiary reception area if connectivity cannot be established
  • Facilitate import of data from subsidiary reception offices
  • Produce monthly progress billing
  • Print all support documents as required
  • Provide reports with drilldown capability for audit purpose
  • Ability to export reports to Excel, Word or PDF formats
  • WYSWYG Data and Graphical Reports to view and print
  • Multi-user environment
  • Multiple access levels to maintain integrity and security of data.
  • Multi Document Interface
  • Data export or import through ASCII FILES
  • Unlimited record entry
  • Unlimited number of users