Business Visa Management System

Business Visa Management System

Have you ever thought how cumbersome it is to track the several Business Visas issued by your company? If so don’t think further, we have the perfect solution for you...

We welcome you to have a look at our Business Visa Management Software. The BVMS takes care of your Business Visa Processing in a very user-friendly and efficient manner in the Microsoft Windows environment.

The System has the capability to automatically generate Business Visa Application forms with the relevant data, based on the data keyed in (Applicant Details). Keying in this data would be a one time job for repeat applications to be made for the same applicant.

Once the application is submitted and the Visa is approved, the system has the capability to directly connect to the Hukoomi Site and automatically retrieve the current status of the Visa application (from the official web site) and thereafter print the approved Business Visa.

System also tracks the status of Visas approved, Visitors Arrived and Departed, Visas Renewed NOC issued etc by giving you all the relevant reports at the click of a button.

This is a Single User application and is designed exactly like any other Windows based program. All the Key conventions have been followed. Therefore, if you are familiar with Microsoft Windows you will not find it difficult to use this system