Smart Card Based Solutions

Smart Card

Smart cards with a chip are used widely now for several purposes. This is the most efficient way of storing information safely on credit card size cards. Each card has its own operating system and data is encrypted to avoid manipulation and fraud. We have implemented several smart card based ID cards to our clients of Human Resource Management and Camp Management Systems. They include large companies with employees exceeding 15,000.

Our system enables the user to take the employees photographs using a digital camera attached to the system and produce the cards instantly also updating the database. The cards are printed using a plastic card printer and data written in encrypted form. We have used contact and contactless cards for this purpose as per the particular client’s requirement.

We have also provided smart card based Bar Management System to enable cashless transaction at the senior staff bar of Shell – KBR camp. Using this system cardholders can top up credit and make purchases at the bar. All bar transactions are cashless. This system is generally called E-Purse. Transactions are stored both on the card and in the database.